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Postbox Switzerland, phone Switzerland

Having a postbox and a phone number in Switzerland are essential for  the proper operation of any company running a business in this country. Switzerland is a very popular place for setting up your own business or buying  one. The mentioned process is accompanied by the registration of legal and postal addresses. Switzerland is best known for its banks, which have proved to be among the most solid and secure in the world, as well as for its national policy aiming at maintaining the secrecy of all  confidential information at the top level.

Postbox, postal address and phone number in Switzerland as part of a virtual office

Postbox, postal address and phone number registration is a service that is normally included in the virtual office package. A virtual office is an effective alternative to the real office. A virtual office meets the needs of  a slarge number of companies, such as those expanding their business, setting up new branches in other countries and starting up new projects.

The list of the basic services included in the virtual office package is indicated below:

  • Phone and fax number registration and the numbers themselves
  • Outsourcing, which corresponds to the corporate secretary’s and legal assistant’s services
  • Accountant services
  • Postbox registration in Switzerland
  • Legal and postal address

Besides, technical aspects should be kept in mind. As well as the legal address and registration of a postbox in Switzerland, the virtual office provides all the technical facilities, which help in organizing employee performance, where workers are located in different places. For instance, a closed enterprise portal and CRM systems, amongst others, are beneficial for managing relationships with clients.

Our company may help you to put the project of a virtual office into effect for your company at any stage of its realization. Years of experience show that a virtual office is a perfect variant for any project, which is at its initial stage. This approach minimizes expenses required for real offices and personnel. A virtual office provides top-level administrative and technical support. Apart from financial economy, a virtual office also saves the most important business resource (regardless of its branch and location) – time.

A prestigious postbox in Switzerland

Any client or partner who wants to send you  mail, is able to see your mailing address and  postbox. A postal address, or even better – a legal address – registered in a prestigious area and city, will underline your strong reputation and the status of your company. Together with Goldblum & Partners you can register the address of your choice, taking into consideration  the location of the most expensive and popular real estate, together with business centers.

How should I register a postbox and a telephone number in Switzerland?

You don’t have to flip through a lot of articles on the Internet or hire a professional interpreter to understand Swiss law, in order to register your mailing address and get a postbox and phone number in Switzerland. Moreover, there is no need to buy or rent a residential and office building.

Feel free to call Goldblum and Partners (you can even request a call) for detailed professional advice on registering a mailing address, a postbox and a phone number in Switzerland . It is considered to be a necessary step, mainly because it is impossible to proceed with your business here without the above details. Goldblum and Partners is always ready to discuss any additional services beyond the scope of the standard package described above.