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Prices for company formation and related services in Switzerland

Registration of companies in Switzerland is a long-time business. Therefore, all the main client requests are known to us.

We decided to put the most important and the most popular ones on one page. At the same time, each email is unique for our office: you can always count on tailor-made response.
Whether you need to establish a holding company, a simple domicile company or mixed-type Swiss company, we are ready to provide you with top-notch services.

After registering or buying a company, we can provide you with regular support and advice as well as assist you with tax and legal issues. There is at least one English-speaking employee with appropriate education (economics or finance) in all of our offices in all countries, so you will not be left alone with your problems and will be able to explain them relying on your local realities.

The average response time for all of your emails is about 1 hour: we understand how important it is to obtain prompt replies for making important and urgent decisions.

.ch domain name
Setting up the domain name in the .ch zone. Annual price.
company business management
per hour
The service includes processing, commenting on and forwarding of mail, scanning of documents and interaction with state authorities. Prepayment (Vorauszahlung) services on the hourly basis.
post address in switzerland
Post address in Switzerland - Zürich, Zug and other big cities. Annual price, post forwarding once per month included. Required by law, and without post address in Switzerland, you cannot form a company in Switzerland.
swiss bank account opening
Swiss bank account opening and banks in Switzerland offer everything  that might you want. Main services:
  • Internet-Banking;
  • First-class Bank;
  • Debit/Credit Cards;
  • Loans;
  • Travel checks;
  • Savings and deposits.
Our services for Swiss bank account opening:
  • Preliminary consultation;
  • Obtaining a prior consent of the bank to review the applicant’s papers;
  • Getting the necessary documents ready;
  • Filling in forms and sending the package to the bank;
  • Setting up a personal interview for the client with the bank officer (if necessary).
Swiss lawyer
Swiss lawyer in our office offer all kinds of legal support in Switzerland:
  • Accountancy, due diligence and company management;
  • Labour law and relocation to Switzerland;
  • Living permits and immigration questions.
The price valid for some common cases and legal disputes as well. Price per each hour.
swiss resident director
Swiss resident managing director
Swiss resident director required by law (Obligationenrecht - OR) in all kinds of companies. Without the local person, you cannot form a company. Annual price.
swiss vat number
(USt-Id, MwSt)
Swiss VAT number obtaining for all trade activities and business purposes.
switzerland company formation (sa/ag/gmbh/sàrl)
Switzerland company formation in approx. 2 weeks
Switzerland company formation included everything:
  • Your company name research and validation;
  • Reserving your company name with the Federal Commercial Registry Office before registration;
  • Application for the Commercial Register in any canton of Switzerland (please note that Zug and Zürich are particularly well-respected business locations );
  • Structuring the company as per your requirements;
  • Preparing your company registration forms;
  • Drafting your articles of association/statutes;
  • Minutes appointing first directors;
  • Preparation of Stampa declaration;
  • Preparation of Lex Friedrich declaration;
  • Register with the tax and social security authorities;
  • Organizing the foundation meeting with the notary;
  • Delivery of notarized certificate of incorporation;
  • Delivery of notarized articles of association;
  • The issue of shares and production of share certificates;
  • All documents and certificates supplied in a professional folder;
  • Delivery of documents by FedEx / DHL courier.
The price based on usual conditions. In case if you have special requirements or you need a specific consultation about your business purposes, company structuring etc. price can be changed. Please, contact us today for details.
switzerland company liquidation
Switzerland company liquidation - GmbH/AG, with debts or without. Price based on the dormant company without debts, liabilities, pending tax payments; Company must be registered up to 3 years ago.
switzerland trademark
base price
Switzerland trademark registration for your goods and services. Domestic or worldwide protection, from 3 classes.