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Special conditions in 2023!
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Opening of an account for the share capital contribution (UBS, Credit Suisse)
2 day
Company statutory documents preparation
10 day
Publication in the trade registry of the chosen Canton
20'000 CHF
20'000 CHF for GmbH (LLC)
100'000 CHF
100'000 CHF for AG (Limited by shares)

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Why do you need a company in Switzerland?

Low taxes
Low taxes and simple company management system. We will help you choose the right canton and, if necessary (and possible), will get you special taxing conditions (Tax Ruling).
Bank secrecy
Bank secrecy is still alive and allowed for active companies. If your main activity is international trading or other types of activities – just tell us before opening an account and we will fill out the right form.
Full anonymity
Full anonymity of the company ownership is provided for by the law (for joint stock companies, AG or Societe Anonyme in the French part of Switzerland).
Bearer shares became registered in 2019, but the shareholders registry is not public and is kept safe with your trustee.
Special conditions for holding and domiciled companies: there is no requirement to have a proper office and this does not affect your relationship with the authorities (unlike in Germany, where the government deems your business as suspicious if you do not have a physical office).

Huge and brilliant marketing advantages: your partners and clients will be more loyal if you conduct your business in the name of the Swiss company.

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  • We know the market
    We are a Swiss law firm with over 10 years of experience and offices in Zurich and Zug. We provide our services in other Cantons as well.
  • International recognition
    International legal ratings since 2013 acknowledge Goldblum and Partners to be one of the leaders in corporate law, banking and finance (IFLR1000, Legal500 etc.)
  • Pleasure in the job
    Our independence from bank groups and global law and consulting firms guarantee the freedom of your choice. Only your success matters to us.
  • Privacy
    Full confidentiality during all stages.
  • No risk
    Insurance of CHF 1 million protects you in any situation.
  • Modern standards
    Quick communication, and a modern CRM system (nothing is ever lost or forgotten!)
Besides, we provide services of trust management, representation in court, debt collection, trademark registrations, escrow services, legal analysis etc.

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