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Business in Switzerland

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If you want to compete in the contemporary global market, the choice of location for your business is very important. Switzerland has been developing its unique economic and political advantages for centuries. Nowadays, the right to free trade and industry is still guaranteed by the Swiss constitution for anyone doing business within the country. It is no wonder that a small landlocked state became a financial centre of world importance. There are more than 6500 foreign companies operating in Switzerland, and over 1000 of them are headquarters of large European and American companies.

Although foreign citizens are encouraged to start up a business in Switzerland, it is not a country where you can set up a company in a day. Sometimes, registration procedures seem to be a hard nut to crack. Goldblum and Partners offer professional support to new businesses throughout the establishment process. Our highly qualified team will offer you tailor-made solutions for any issues related to establishing a legal entity.
business in Switzerland is good

Good reasons to start up a business in Switzerland

If we think about advantages for business, Switzerland has a lot to offer. This country is a great investment location in the heart of Europe. Here is the list of the main benefits:

  • Unique geographical position of Switzerland
  • Economic and currency stability
  • Business-friendly legislation and taxation
  • Reliable banking system
  • Highly-developed business infrastructure
  • Well-educated, multilingual and flexible workforce
  • Outstanding standards of living
  • The highest rate of innovations among European countries
  • Sustainable environment and particular attention to natural resources
  • Multilingual and multicultural society
The Swiss are a mature trading nation, and if you are going to set up a new business, Switzerland can become a perfect starting point to enter the European market. This country will offer you a wide range of opportunities to succeed, if your objectives are connected with business development.

Business Switzerland — quick guideline

To facilitate the process of founding a business in Switzerland, it is necessary to follow these instructions:

  • Think over the type of the legal entity you are going to register — a limited liability company or a joint stock company. Note that any of these forms can be advantageous depending on your business needs
  • Determine the canton where you will set up a business. Switzerland is rather small, but comprises 26 autonomous cantons with independent laws and taxation. Most cantons offer special incentives for foreign investors
  • A new company has to be enrolled on the list of the Swiss Company Register. To accomplish this step, you should carefully fill in a company registration form
Also, make sure that the following documents are correct:

  • Articles of association
  • Capital deposit confirmation from a Swiss bank
  • Approval statement for the appointed directors
  • Notarized signature of a firm representative

Time to be spent on business registration

After the Swiss Company Register has confirmed the company's name, you will have to spend at least two or three weeks on the registration procedure. Opening a legal entity always involves third parties, such as local authorities, Swiss banks, lawyers, etc.
Although we can hardly complain about bureaucracy in Switzerland, be ready to wait for up to four or five weeks for your business to be established. If you want to speed up the process, Goldblum and Partners will be glad to assist you in all kinds of business issues. For more information about our services feel free to contact our team.