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Accounting: the Key to Business Success in Switzerland

Unlock business success in Switzerland with expert accounting. Discover Lawsupport top-notch services for your financial needs.
Properly organized accounting is one of the most important factors for the effective and successful functioning of any company. If you contemplate establishing your business in Switzerland, the first thing you should think of is a professional Swiss accountant. Accounting in Switzerland, as in many countries, is specific due to certain peculiarities. In recent years, company executives have gradually begun to realize that it can be really ineffective and expensive to keep a whole staff of accountants in-house. Accounting outsourcing can be a much more reasonable solution, whether you need fundamental bookkeeping services or expert finance consulting.

If you need a highly professional accountant in Switzerland, Goldblum and Partners can help you with everything related to your everyday accounting needs. Our competent accounting generalists provide clients with the full scope of services and ensure the highest level of support.

General admission requirements for Swiss accountants

When hiring an accountant in Switzerland, pay attention to some points that can help you to find a good specialist: A qualified Swiss accountant should have a Swiss Certificate for Finance and Accounting Specialist. This diploma is considered to be the most complete one in the field of accounting and is a proof of the relevant education and skills of its holder. Having a Swiss Certified Experts Diploma for Accounting and Controlling will be a big plus, as it shows that the accountant has obtained additional specializations in taxes, auditing and controlling.

At Goldblum and Partners we carefully recruit the most qualified accountants, who fully meet all the requirements and are able to assist clients in ordinary and challenging issues.

Swiss accountant — Basic responsibilities

First of all, accountants in Switzerland must follow the accounting standards established by the Swiss Foundation for Accounting and Reporting. This means, above all, keeping profit and loss statements and balance sheet records in the national currency of Switzerland (Swiss Francs).

There are also some other important points:

  • An accountant in Switzerland should also consider the International Public Sector Accounting Standards;
  • Swiss accountants must carry out a full audit, if the turnover of a company tops CHF20 million and a balance sheet exceeds CHF50 million, whilst the staff includes more than 50 employees.
  • It is a must for a Swiss accountant to be able to make annual financial statements, a cash flow statement, a balance sheet and a management report.
  • A responsible Swiss accountant should provide local tax authorities with properly prepared documents on demand, otherwise the company will pay a penalty.

Swiss accountant office

Accounting services at Goldblum and Partners

Goldblum and Partners accounting team offers you a wide range of consulting and support services. Depending on your accounting needs, you can take advantage of our various kinds of help:

  • Basic accounting (payments to suppliers, cash management, client invoices, ledger administration, etc.);
  • Payroll accounting (regular salary payments, social security statements, expense reimbursement, dealing with pension funds);
  • Tax optimization;
  • Annual financial statements;
  • Automation of accounting;
  • Work-flow process optimization;
  • Financial consulting.
With our help, you'll get a universal solution for organizing your company's accounting. Goldblum and Partners quickly and effectively organize accounting operations according to your business needs. All you have to do is to focus on your key competences and on your company's development, leaving the financial and accounting issues to us. Goldblum and Partners guarantee prompt and high-quality support that will optimize costs and prevent mistakes and financial losses in your business.