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Office in Switzerland

Discover a seamless way to open a Swiss office for your business with expert legal support from Lawsupport. Your success is our priority.
An office in Switzerland is supposed to be an essential condition for running a business in this stable and solvent European country. Switzerland is very popular amongst entrepreneurs due to its business-friendly environment. Swiss banks have the reputation of being the most safe and secure. Having an office in Switzerland is considered a sign of prosperity. This is the reason for the growing popularity of such services as opening offices in Switzerland.

Office in Switzerland — types

Establishing an office in Switzerland is a widespread choice for non-residents and foreign investors. The local government tends to support the Swiss business climate in being investment-friendly. Every entrepreneur can choose the kind of office and the business approach which most satisfies his/her needs.

There are two available types of offices in Switzerland:

  • Serviced offices
  • Virtual offices
You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs and possibilities.

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Serviced offices in Switzerland

A serviced office is a traditional form of office suitable for the majority of companies representing different business spheres. Serviced offices are usually physical offices, located in Zurich or other cities and fitted with all the necessary equipment. They are ready for immediate occupation by a new company and meet all the requirements of modern business. Nevertheless, the problem of high real estate prices is to be taken into consideration when the decision is taken to set up the traditional-format office .

Virtual offices in Switzerland

At the same time, virtual offices in Switzerland are ready to provide a company with off-site communication, including a phone number, fax number and mail delivering facilities. A virtual office in Switzerland is widely considered to be a promising solution in the spheres of business processing and cost optimization.

A virtual office in Switzerland usually offers a wide range of communication services, such as:

  • A qualified remote receptionist and call center for processing incoming calls
  • Voicemail for playing back recorded speeches
  • Virtual office space
One more group of services provided are space services from the following list:

  • Professional/business address in any prestigious area
  • Postbox and mailing address for inbox correspondence
  • Reception courtesies
  • Meeting space, including offices for meetings and conference rooms
  • Co-working space
  • An Enterprise information portal that is made as a framework for integrating administrative staff, informational resources and processes within the company
Additional services may include fax redirecting, usage of meeting rooms and collecting the statements sent by your bank.

All in all, a virtual office is made for companies eager to reduce their office costs and environmental impact with no damage to the image of the company. These are the most common reasons for entrepreneurs choosing the above-mentioned format.

Office in Switzerland — How can we help?

Your company will definitely benefit from having either a virtual or a serviced office in Switzerland. Sometimes the procedure of organizing an office may be complicated for a non-resident. Goldblum and Partners deals with the registration and servicing of offices for companies that are planning to run their business in Switzerland.
Feel free to contact us and ask about definite prices and professional consultations in the field of business processing and real estate. You can entrust the organization of an office in Switzerland to our company without being alarmed about time and quality.