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Swiss Dormant Company

Discover the benefits of owning a Swiss dormant company. Protect assets, save time, and gain a competitive edge. Get legal support with Lawsupport.
A Swiss dormant company is the best solution for those who do not want to spend time on the process of company formation. This is why so many people invest in ready-made economic institutions. The purchase of a vintage company in Switzerland creates the opportunity of protecting existing assets. On the other hand, it creates conditions for developing new strategies for sole businessmen or some corporate bodies. Switzerland provides opportunities to suit the interests of these two tytpes of investors; this country takes a pride in having a stable economy and an independent character in relation to its actions in the international community.
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Swiss dormant company — features

A dormant company has certain features which define it as a unique establishment with some peculiarities due to its Swiss origin. This company should be included in the Swiss Financial Register and should be attached to a certain owner. That is why any vintage firm must have gone through the process of registration and have an existing legal address and deposits in several Swiss bank accounts. Furthermore, many dormant firms are available in cantons with lax taxation policies. This provides the chance to avoid overpayment connected with a strict system of taxation which has developed in some Swiss cantons.

Benefits from possessing a dormant company

It is evident that already-registered companies have their own reputation. The name may speak for itself and act as a boost for an investor willing to acquire a vintage company. Clients and prospective business partners are more likely to cooperate with proven, long-lasting names than with new brands. The latter do not evolve many business associations and may leave clients indifferent to company policies. In the modern business world the level of competition in some spheres is so high that investment in a Swiss dormant company may be one of the best decisions ever made.

Reasons for purchasing a Swiss dormant company

Sole traders as well as corporate bodies may derive benefits from protecting their assets within the jurisdiction of the canton chosen. The regulations allow the investment of money in dormant companies so as to save assets and provide security for them. The essence of vintage off-the-shelf companies lies in the absence of financial activity for some period of time. However, they are formed on a legal basis and are fully incorporated in the Swiss economy. Investors who want to purchase one of the existing companies do not need to form their own unique establishments. This means:

  • Mobile company acquisition
  • Saving investor's time and money
  • Boosting interest for a ready-made company with a new owner
Once the procedure of vintage company acquisition is finished, a new possession is ready to give profit to its owner

Why should you buy a dormant company in Switzerland?

Foreign residents can possess one of two types of legal entity in Switzerland:

  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company
These economic institutions have certain differences, but they both provide opportunities to avoid overpayment. This is accounted for by the following fact: Switzerland has good relations with EU-members and enjoys bilateral agreements on taxation. On the other hand, a free trade zone with European countries helps to avoid any risks connected with low demand. That is why possessing a company in Switzerland has so many benefits for its owner.
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