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How to immigrate to Switzerland

Discover Swiss immigration and lump taxation: Your guide to relocating and managing taxes in Switzerland with Lawsupport.
Immigration to Switzerland is worth considering, since Switzerland is a country with numerous benefits. Swiss legislation allows both EU and non-EU foreign clients to obtain a residence permit. However, not everyone can complete the procedure due to certain restrictions. To date, only ultra-wealthy foreign clients are able apply for Swiss residency. To obtain a residence permit, the clients can choose either between Swiss lump taxation or Swiss real estate programs.

How to immigrate to Switzerland — Swiss lump taxation

Under the Swiss lump taxation program, an individual pays an annual fee for obtaining a residence permit, the minimum of which is CHF150,000. However, depending on the chosen canton, the lump tax may vary between CHF500,000 and CHF1,000,000. It has to be paid annually to the Swiss canton authorities, and it takes from three to four months on average to obtain the resident status. Swiss lump taxation is advised for retirees, as employment is not possible under this program. There are also certain requirements for those planning to participate in the Swiss lump taxation program. For example, no employment or occupation is allowed, as well as no citizenship. There are no age restrictions for EU nationals, but the individual has to be older than 18, or older than 55 in the case of retirees. Participants are also required to purchase or rent real estate and provide a vast list of identification documents together with a clean criminal record.

Immigration via real estate purchase

A residence permit can be obtained through real estate purchase in Switzerland. According to Swiss law, it can be done in person only. However, there is an exception, which is detailed below. The minimal cost will be approximately CHF1 million and may be as high as CHF10 million, if luxury villas are taken into consideration.

The Andermatt Swiss Alps is another real estate purchase program which is more flexible and has less requirements for the clients. It includes the opportunity for real estate purchase by either companies or individuals, and it is also not compulsory to apply for a residence permit in the case of the given program. In the ASP program, the minimal cost will be around CHF1.25 million with the same approximate cost for villas (CHF10 million).

What are the benefits of immigrating to Switzerland?

Even though Switzerland is a country with strict entrance requirements, it possesses a number of valuable residential benefits, such as:

  • Visa-free traveling withing EU countries
  • Freedom and privacy
Switzerland pays exceptional attention to the privacy of its residents, guaranteeing confidence and freedom:

  • High standard of living
  • Ideal conditions of living for retirees or veteran families
  • Opportunity to choose the preferred canton
The benefits listed above guarantee a high-quality lifestyle, safety and privacy as well as return on investment in the form of a stable lifestyle.

Immigration to Switzerland for corporations

There is a way for corporations to immigrate to Switzerland by forming a Swiss company. The canton of Zug near Zurich is recommended, as it has considerably lower corporate taxes.

Immigration to Switzerland as a retiree

Switzerland is considered a perfect option for those who decide to retire in a stable country with a high standard of living. Before making your choice, however, a few requirements have to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • The age of the retiree should be above 55 years old
  • The annual income should be the minimum of CHF100,000
  • Time spent in Switzerland annually should be not less than 180 days
As mentioned above, the retirement program in Switzerland does not allow employment or any activity, so this has to be kept in mind when considering the program.
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