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Business for sale Switzerland

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For a long time, businesses for sale in Switzerland have been quite an attractive option for investors to secure their assets. The economy of the country provides opportunities for personal growth, while its stability is reinforced by a high level of insurance. That is why investing in Switzerland creates opportunities to make your business prosper with the lowest safety risks. Foreign investors are attracted by favorable conditions, reinforced by wise government regulations. Switzerland is known as a country which attracts investment interest in almost any area of application

Business for sale in Switzerland — benefits

Businesses for sale are very popular among investors in Switzerland due to economic, geographical and social conditions. The position of modern Switzerland on the map is significant, since it shares borders with fast-growing established economies, such as Germany and France. Despite its small size, Switzerland has established long-term relationships with almost every country in the world. It boasts of having the most popular world-famous brands based within Switzerland. What is more, the position of the Swiss government is independent in a way that is not influenced by the EU Comission. This is why local businesses are not subject to common European changes, which may be implemented within the borders of the European Union. Swiss businesses that are offered for sale are socially secure, and the living standards in the country are highly praised worldwide. Thus, ready-made companies in Switzerland are highly attractive.

Is tax policy favorable for businesses for sale in Switzerland?

The statistics claim that the government taxation policy is a decisive factor for a foreign resident chosing to set up a company in Switzerland. No one will deny that tax exemptions in the country are incomparable to other European countries. No other EU Memer State boasts the same tax rates as Switzerland does. Additionally, purchasing a business in Switzerland facilitates a unique tax payment scheme for corporate bodies and sole traders. As far as restrictions and charges are concerned, the Swiss three-level taxation system is not strict. It provides opportunities for company development without the high-stakes risks of charges for irresponsible managers. The flexibility of the taxation system is the main reason why foreign residents regard businesses for sale in Switzerland as the most appropriate form of money investment.
business for sale Switzerland

Swiss company acquisition procedure

The flexibility of Swiss law regulations stretches even wider. Business start-up may involve forming a new company as well as acquiring a ready-made legal entity. It is necessary to note that there are no limits for foreign capital under Swiss law. This means that investors of any kind may incorporate into the Swiss economy. This results in the popularity of businesses for sale in Switzerland; it opens opportunities for everyone. One needs to be prepared for a fixed company acquisition procedure, which includes:

  • Preparing articles of association (documents which are necessary for filing an application with the Swiss Commercial Registry)
  • Forming a bank account in Switzerland
  • Depositing the initial capital share or transmitting the amount necessary to acquire a ready-made company
  • Registering for tax

Difficulties associated with Swiss company acquisition

The foreign investment share in the Swiss economy is rather high for political and economic reasons. This creates a high level of competition within the area of some Swiss cantons. The cantons of Zug, Bremen and Zurich provide beneficial tax rates for large companies and sole proprietorship. However, business owners may encounter additional expenses whilst completing the company acquisition process.
If you are seeking ways to improve the status of your firm, consider the availability of businesses for sale in Switzerland. Owning a Swiss company can be used to your advantage, as it helps to boost the prestige of almost any business activity. Shaping your own business strategies with the help of Goldblum and Partners will enable you to make a solid start in the Swiss business world. Our dedicated team is ready to offer advice on every aspect associated with acquiring businesses in the Swiss jurisdiction.