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Swiss Company Registration

Unlock economic stability through Swiss company registration. Low taxes, minimal bureaucracy, and strong business protection await with Lawsupport.
Swiss company registration is a proven way of obtaining economic stability and confidence. Life in Switzerland provides many benefits which are realized in low taxes and good standards of living . It requires a strong work ethic to conduct business in the country, but the law has fewer limitations as compared to EU members. For this reason, Switzerland is a very attractive place to set up a company. So when you seek a low level of business risk combined with a favorable economic climate, it is necessary to take a number of steps to achieve your goal. It is worth mentioning that investors from abroad can choose between a limited liability company and a corporation, two types of business entities which can be formed in Switzerland.

Limited liability company registration

A limited liability company is the best way to set up a business in Switzerland for a small number of shareholders. The law requires that there are at least two members willing to form a legal entity under Swiss economy protection. One of them must acquire an official residence permit while the other may preserve their nationality. The absence of limitations on nationality makes the process of Swiss company registration much quicker while the original founder doesn't have to seek ways to find a Swiss representative of his own company. However, the shareholders have to prove that they possess the capital of CHF20,000 which is the minimal sum needed to establish a business. This requirement is obligatory for foreign investors with limited liability for their possible debts. Once the unique name is chosen, it is worth opening a bank account where the initial capital must be deposited. After these steps the process of registration is marked by getting a special certificate which reaffirms the legal character of the company.

The process of corporation registration in Switzerland

Investors all over the world mostly choose a corporation as the form of the expression of their business in Switzerland. This type of company possesses limited liability for its actions but requires at least three shareholders to make a solid start. They have to make sure their representative has a Swiss residence permit; this is an obligatory limitation. As far as the start-up capital is concerned, the share of CHF100,000 must be deposited in a Swiss bank account. Investors on the Board of Directors have the right not to reveal their names or origin. These conditions are particularly favorable for large and medium-sized companies: this is why corporations are the most widespread form of company registration.
company registration in Switzerland benefits

What are the benefits of registering a company in Switzerland?

Although Switzerland has a rather complicated three-level system of taxation, it does not negatively effect living and working here.. To register a Swiss company means to acquire these features:

  • Low level of bureaucracy and corruption
  • Strict privacy laws
  • Assets protection from business risks of all kinds
  • Flexible system of double taxation with a number of countries
  • The possibility of a free profit remit in case it is needed
  • Availability of safe Swiss bank accounts which can support business
The benefits listed above reassure investors that investments in Switzerland's economy may become a vital step to financial and personal success and prosperity.

Swiss company registration — procedure is painstaking?

It is necessary that shareholders have a very clear vision of their targets. It is worth creating a decent business plan to make the process of business creation as quick as possible. Once the name for a future company is chosen and all the shares are deposited, it takes two week to accomplish the registration process.

The procedure of registration requires publishing the list of founders' names in one of the official sources of mass media – the Swiss Commercial Gazette. This makes the company publicly recognized by law and the community.

As you can see, the registration procedure is not very complicated and may be finished in less than two weeks.
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