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Real office Switzerland

Swiss offices create a reputable image due to the favorable business environment in the country. Find out why it is worth registering a real office.
A real office in a country such as Switzerland helps your business create a financially sound and reputable image. Due to its favorable environment for business development, Switzerland attracts a solid number of entrepreneurs. Swiss banks are usually considered to be the most secure because the privacy of the banks' customers is a matter of state priority. This is the reason for a significant number of companies choosing Switzerland as a location for their real and virtual offices.

Real office Switzerland and reasons

A real office in a country like Switzerland provides its owners with a certain amount of benefits conditioned by the business climate and the business culture of this European country.

The essential reasons for registering a new real office are the following:

  • In order to register a company an owner should possess a real address
  • You have purchased a ready-made business, that already possesses a real office
  • You don't have a place to conduct meetings with partners and negotiations with clients
  • You need to maintain an appropriate image for the company
Therefore, a real office is a key component in the successful development of businesses established in Switzerland. Once a new real office is organized, you have to decide whether to purchase real estate or commit to a long lease.

The reason for the high demand of real estate in Switzerland, compared to the amount of Swiss real estate available, is due to a huge number of companies being interested in acquiring offices. Notice that opting for a long lease of real estate when choosing the office may cause more difficulties than purchasing it.

In order to avoid all aforementioned difficulties, feel free to request assistance from specialists. Goldblum and Partners specializes in offering consultations to new businesses which are about to open an office.

Registering a real office in Switzerland

Goldblum and Partners is committed to being a reliable partner to its clients in different countries, including Switzerland. Our company works closely with all organizations, offering real estate in Switzerland.

Feel free to contact us at anytime, should you need detailed information concerning the process of registering your real or virtual Swiss office or if you are seeking advice about definite costs and conditions. Let us know what you're looking for, and we will aim to meet your needs, as we have done already with hundreds of entrepreneurs seeking to start businesses in Switzerland.

What alternatives for a real office in Switzerland can be found?

It goes without saying that a popular alternative for a real office is a virtual one. It's considered to be one of the most effective solutions both for business organization and cost optimization.

This kind of business organization is suitable for those starting new businesses and also those who are willing to conduct a restructuring and optimization of business processes, avoiding secretary and office manager costs. A virtual office also serves as a sensible alternative for companies operating via the Internet.

In a virtual office the working process of all employees is organized in such a way that each member of the team possesses access to the protected corporate portal or to a CRM system. There, they have the ability to carry out administrative tasks, maintain the client database, create documents and communicate.
However, a real office stands as a key component in the development of a significant number of companies operating in Switzerland. When setting up a real office, one should pay careful attention in making a decision between acquiring real estate in Switzerland or limiting the business to a long lease.