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An extensive network of own offices in different countries enables us to provide first-hand services to entities and individuals, without any intermediaries, overcharges or down time.

Our average response time to customer requests is within 1-2 hours. All of our employees have education in law or economy and are true experts in their areas.

If you have already experienced the traditional local way of doing business, you can probably imagine why our services are so popular.
The English-speaking staff in our Zug office ensures interactive communication on all issues.
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About us

Legal 500 recognized
Legal 500 recognized
Our company has offices in different countries, including Switzerland, Germany, U.K, Russia, and Ukraine. It allows us to provide services to legal entities and individuals first-hand, without intermediaries, without overpayments and downtime. We deliver the following services:
Company Formation
Our company specializes in opening legal entities in Switzerland through a quick and reliable process. We provide assistance with preparing documents, administration, and accounting services for different types of legal entities, including AG, GmbH, etc.

Business Sale
Our experts offer help for company owners through the entire sale process. There is no reason to panic, as we can do all paperwork for you at the highest level.

Company Liquidation
Any type of legal entity liquidation in Switzerland, for whatever reason, can be exhausting for founders if they do not know what to do. We provide founders with comprehensive assistance during the liquidation process in this jurisdiction to let them avoid issues.

«usiness Restructuring
In the case, if your incorporation faces challenges in a period of crisis or there are other reasons for its failure it is time to review business activities. We can help you to find flaws and optimize the business through a new solution, including merging and restructuring.

The Registration of UID-number
This number enables all legal entities in Switzerland to identify themselves for all partners. It provides companies with a possibility of easy data exchange, for instance, between the local authorities and the business representatives.

Corporate Administration
We offer services of a local manager and nominee director. Moreover, in Switzerland, it is required to appoint a secretary for a legal entity who will be responsible for the company's compliance with local and international legislation.

Our experienced experts deliver accounting services for various types of legal entities. You can ask our experts for help with bookkeeping or, for instance, with debt collection - the response will be quick.

Trademark Registration and Selling
Protect your Swiss incorporation. The founders of Swiss companies engaged in trading and manufacturing must apply for the registration of trademarks.

«ookkeeping Recovery
Sometimes customers ask us to sort out problems related to bookkeeping. There is no reason to panic, as our experts will help you with recovering crucial data.

Tax Consulting and Debt Collection
Need professional assistance with your taxes or have trouble with debt collection? Our trained experts can initiate legal actions effectively and quickly. Our approach leads to a positive effect on the debtor's willingness to refund money voluntarily.
Licensing Services
To carry out business activities in accordance with Swiss legislation the founders of the company should get a license. Licensing is required, for instance, for those involved in gambling, insurance, Forex, financial services, and others.

Local Phone Numbers & Domains Registration
Every legal entity needs local phone numbers or domains for the website. Our company provides entrepreneurs with assistance in this stage of company formation as well.

Trace Accounts Service
The period for responding to this service depends on the complexity of the request. It involves the search area, how long ago the account was opened, the status of traced accounts, etc.

Opening and Managing Bank Accounts
This service is mandatory for those who have no idea about Swiss banks and financial institutions. Call us and get comprehensive help to avoid serious issues that can affect the business development.

Immigration, Residence Permit, Citizenship
We provide our customers with assistance in the immigration process, obtaining work permits, and citizenship. Whether you want to open a company in Switzerland or look for job opportunities we are here to help you with the required documents.

The response time to customer requests on average is 1-2 hours, all our employees have a legal or economic education and are specialists in their field.

Besides, we sort out some complicated cases regarding unethical or illegal actions of hired directors, bookkeeping recovery, and investigate frauds.

We will be happy to help you with problem-solving no matter how complex your legal problem is. We invite you to visit the nearest office of our company.

Patent Attorney Services
Patent attorneys are experts in law and technology. They provide the founders of legal entities with assistance at each stage of development - from recognizing the invention and creating the patent application to enforcing a patent against third parties.

Legal Representation
At some point, a Swiss company may require legal representation. Our experts will be ready to provide your business with assisting in legal matters.
Legal 500 recognized
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