Migration to Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known all over the world for its stability, safety and confidentiality. It has a high cost of living and numerous government programs that aid and support its residents. If you contemplate migrating to Switzerland, you should consider a few important facts and points before starting to collect your documents and booking a ticket.

Migration to Switzerland in short terms

Since Switzerland is a very closed country, it may be somewhat challenging to obtain a residence permit. However, the country offers several options for those who are willing to live there for a certain period of time.

Obtaining a work permit is a perfect variant for any foreigner. Switzerland gladly hires people from different countries for variuos minor positions, such as dishwashers, gardeners, etc. However, if you are a specialist in a particular field, you will also have the chance to get a job with a large international or Swiss company. After some time, provided that you prove yourself as a skilled employee whom the company needs among its staff, a resident permit may be offered to you, thus allowing you to live in Switzerland as a resident.

Note here, that if you don't have a job offer before you come to the country, you can search for one upon arrival. The law permits foreigners to legally stay in the country for three months. During this time you can look for a job and then apply for visa extension. In order to obtain a visa for visiting Switzerland, you will need an invitation letter from a Swiss resident, in which he/she states that you are a person known to him/her and are invited to the country for a visit. You will also have to submit a bank statement, which will serve as financial proof.

If you have the opportunity to study, you may choose Switzerland as a country to obtain a Bachelor degree or Postgraduate qualification. The country offers a vast variety of institutions and schools that welcome foreign students. To get a student visa, you will have to submit your bank statement to prove that you are capable of paying for your studies, a letter from an educational institution confirming that you have been accepted, and some forms that have to be filled in (depending on the institution). Normally, you are required to leave the country once you finish your studies. However, if you manage to find a job while studying, your student permit will be replaced by a work permit, and you will be able to prolong your stay until you get a resident status.

Long-term migration and settling in Switzerland

The Swiss government offers a few programs for those who are willing to migrate to Switzerland for a long period of time and to apply for citizenship.

  • Swiss lump taxation
Under this program, an immigrant is granted citizenship on the condition that he/she is able to annually pay a fee of CHF150,000. This amount does not apply to all Swiss cantons and may vary greatly, coming up to CHF1,000,000. If a person agrees to this program, no employment or any activity on the Swiss territory will be allowed. Therefore,this is a perfect choice for retirees. The minimal retirement age is 55 years old, for those who are 18 and above. Also, it is mandatory to rent or purchase real estate in Switzerland.

  • Real estate purchase
If a person purchases real estate in Switzerland, a residence permit may be granted. Depending on the canton, real estate prices may vary, but will not be lower than CHF1 million.
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