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How to open a company in Zurich

Discover the benefits of Zurich company formation for foreign investors. Explore Switzerland's prestigious business environment and tax advantages.
Zurich company formation is a beneficial enterprise for foreign investors who want to set up their business. The Swiss jurisdiction is one of the most prestigious in the world; Swiss residents live in a favorable economic environment. It allows small family-oriented businesses to grow fast and export their goods to other countries in the world. The Swiss Constitution opens free ways for domestic investors to trade within the borders of the country. On the other hand, the transparent laws of the government enable foreign residents to set up their companies in every canton of Switzerland. But they have to be prepared for the competitive character of the Swiss economy, especially in Zurich.

Why open a Zurich company?

Flexible rules for Zurich company founders enable foreign residents to invest in already created entities or in new ones. The latter enables them to pursue personal goals and form a unique legal firm under a new name. Zurich infrastructure allows entrepreneurs with different skills to try their hand at creating their own business. Low risks of failure and bankruptcy are typical features of this modern city. The favorable geographic position of Zurich, as well as taxation policies, makes it a very popular place for business development. It means that small and medium-sized companies may find this economic environment suitable for the best solutions for their business. On the other hand, large corporations may also find their clients within the jurisdiction of Zurich.

Zurich company formation process

Zurich company registration may be completed within the period of two to three weeks or so. The amount of necessary documents may be large, with expenses exceeding standard expectations. But experts state that the prestige of owning a company in Switzerland will definitely cover the expenses for its formation. The process of registration begins when investors have chosen a unique name and a legal form for their entity. The Swiss Commercial Registry requires notarized documents for any applicant willing to form a Zurich company. After the documents are legalized, it is necessary to deposit the necessary sum of capital in a Swiss bank account. Thus, before applying for the Swiss Commercial Register, it is essential to:

• Choose a name for the company
• Determine the legal form for business
• Open a bank account

The successful completion of the above-mentioned steps guarantees a quick registration procedure, which continues with issuance of the company's personal certificate. It allows the founder of the company to register for tax.
 Zurich company position

Tax liability for Zurich companies

In Switzerland there exists a three-level system of taxation. Businessmen are liable to the following types of taxes:

• Cantonal
• Federal
• Municipal

As compared to other Swiss regions, a Zurich company may enjoy significant tax exemptions on net profit. But regulations are different when we take into consideration different types of legal entities. That is why it is essential to get acquainted with the rules of taxation for corporations and limited liability companies. They differ according to the percentage of tax reduction on one of the three levels of Swiss taxation system.

Zurich company establishment peculiarities

Corporations and limited companies are the most popular business solutions for foreign investors. The Swiss corporation seems to be more advantageous for its owners, while the cantonal and federal regulations guarantee the most favorable conditions for large business developments. On the other hand, a Zurich company of this type preserves the anonymity of its founders. This is not typical of limited liability companies because the Swiss Commercial Register is free to reveal full information on the shareholders' equities, personalities and liabilities.
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