Open a Swiss bank account

Opening a new Swiss bank account is worth considering since Switzerland is a country with a famous banking system that provides a certain amount of benefits to its clients. Swiss legislation supports confidentiality and safety in banking , and this is the reason for the secure reputation of Swiss banks worldwide. Opening your own Swiss bank account has always been considered a sign of wealth and social standing. Opening a new Swiss bank account is vitally important for your company if you are thinking of organizing a new business in Switzerland or purchasing a ready-made one.

Open a Swiss bank account — procedure

In case you are hesitating about whether to open your new Swiss bank account or not you should know for sure that the whole procedure is not as bureaucratic as you may have considered it to be earlier. Opening your new Swiss bank account starts with you approaching a bank manager in order to negotiate the exact time and place of a further personal meeting, during which your source of funds and other necessary details will be discussed. Your financial position is considered to be the matter of prime interest to a typical Swiss banker when you apply for opening a Swiss bank account. If this meets with a banker's approval, future difficulties during the process are rare.

The preparation of the documents required for opening an account normally lasts less than a day. The exact portfolio of confirmatory credentials slightly varies from bank to bank. All the specific information is available on the websites of Swiss banks along with the types of accounts they offer.

If your new bank account cannot be opened by your chosen bank, a full money refund will be made. However, this is very uncommon, a fact which once again underlines the basic and prime advantages of opening a Swiss bank account — complete credibility, security and privacy.

Opening a new Swiss bank account: the most popular types of accounts

Contrary to established opinion, Swiss banks are not just intended for the use of government officials, millionaires and celebrities protecting their assets. They are now completely available to any type of client and many of residents and even non-residents are tending to open their private accounts or new Swiss bank accounts for business.

At the present time , the following types of accounts can be opened:

  • Savings account
  • Current account
  • Custody account
  • Special account
  • Numbered account
  • Special account for legal bodies
Before making a choice, compare the description of the particular type of accounts mentioned above with your purposes and expectations. If you need a reliable adviser, turn to an expert in this sphere.

Who can help you to open a new Swiss bank account?

Our company, Goldblum and Partners, specializes in banking in Switzerland. Moreover, we can provide you with all the necessary help and advise you on investment and private banking in Switzerland for residents and non-residents.
Goldblum and Partners works closely with all the top Swiss banks and is considered to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies. Do not hesitate to contact us if advice is needed. Feel free to call us for detailed information and high-quality legal support. Goldblum and Partners can become your assistant in account management as well as in money depositing. As mentioned above, help in choosing and opening a new Swiss bank account can be provided.




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