Form a Swiss Company

To form a Swiss Company means to create the most favorable conditions for self-realization. The country is ready to accept foreign investors where they can enjoy economic prosperity and minimal business risks. This is why so many businessmen choose a Swiss company, whilst its formation may also enable the prospect of acquiring Swiss citizenship. This opportunity is one of the core factors which influence their decision to incorporate their business into the Swiss economy.

Possible forms of Swiss companies

The most common form of a legal business entity in the country is the corporation; it suits the majority of foreign investors due to certain benefits. For instance, the number of shareholders can be unlimited, but the contributed shares hould make up a minimum of CHF100,000. Another popular form of a business organization is the limited liability company which requires a minimal capital of CHF20,000. Both company forms have their advantages for different types of shareholders. It should also be added that a corporation is the most prestigious form of company registration in Switzerland.

Form a Swiss company with an unlimited number of investors

If a shareholder wants to stay anonymous, it is better to choose a corporation as a means of business establishment. The Swiss law doesn't interfere with the inner structure of the Board of Directors in this instance. It takes an unlimited number of foreign investors and one official resident of Switzerland to form a corporation. It should be regulated by the Board of Directors responsible for the company's management. The national identity of its members is not important, but the official representative of the corporation should have a residence permit or be a Swiss resident officialy.

How to form a Swiss company with a limited number of investors

It takes at least two people as founders for any kind of business with limited liability. Company assets may be different in size, but the initial capital of CHF20,000 should be guaranteed by the shareholders. One of them should have a Swiss residence permit to make the company legitimate.

Steps to form a Swiss company

Within the jurisdiction of any Swiss canton, the initial steps of forming a Swiss company include:

  • Chosing the appropriate name and checking its unique character
  • Drafting the Company's articles of association
  • Opening a bank account opening and distributing the minimal share capital
  • Preparing all the records required by notary public
Upon successful completion of the above steps it is necessary to make sure that the company is included in the Swiss Commercial Registry. The relevant document makes the company open to the public, since it contains information on the company's name and statute.

The type of the company and the scope of its business are decisive factors when it comes to tax registration. Companies that have to be registered through the Swiss Federal Tax Administration have to file a special request after the company is officially recognized as a Swiss business entity.

How long does it take to form a company in Switzerland?

It usually takes up to one month to form a Swiss company. However, having collected the necessary documents in advance, foreign investors can possibly go through the process of registration much faster. All notifications from the service responsible for the process of company formation can be sent via express mail, which is secure, efficient and swift.
To get detailed information and understand how to form a Swiss company effectively, feel free to contact Goldblum and Partners. We are ready to share our experience and assist anyone willing to incorporate into the stable economic climate offered in Switzerland.




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