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A Swiss shelf company is a good way for an investor to incorporate into the economy of one of the most developed and stable countries in Europe. Switzerland is situated on the crossroads of many important trade routes which provide businessmen with chances for personal growth and prosperity. The Swiss constitution gives freedom of choice to investors to buy or create a new legal business entity. The demand on ready-made Swiss companies has grown fast recently: this is accounted for by Switzerland's independence in the international community and its unique position on many economic issues,including tax policies.

The essence of the Swiss shelf company

Some people invest in companies which do not actively participate in cash flow and thus do not influence the economy of the country in which they are settled. The Swiss shelf company model is beneficial for investors, and ready-made economic entities have always been in demand in Switzerland. It is evident that off-the-shelf companies save time for their prospective owners. There is no need to get ready for a demanding procedure of company registration. Also, it helps to save time for those who are in need of urgent corporate credit. Some holding companies require a certain time of activity from the firm. Thus, shelf Swiss companies can be a real godsend, solving a number of issues for their owners. It is necessary to be aware of the fact that shelf companies may be either ready-made or may have already existed for quite a time.
buildings near the office of the Swiss shelf company

Ready-made Swiss shelf company

Ready-made companies are available on the Swiss market for any foreign investor. There are no limitations for shareholders from abroad to buy a company of this kind. The essential features of companies include:

  • It has an existing bank account
  • It is registered according to Swiss regulations
  • It is solvent and does not have any debts
  • It provides social security services for the prospective employees
It is evident that the existing model may not fully respond to an investor's needs. That is why there is an opportunity to adapt the future possession and give it individual character. The changes may affect the name of the company or the legal address. Other modifications may change the character of the firm but this is not obligatory and may vary from owner to owner.

Long-term existing Swiss shelf company

If investors want to lift the status of their business, they may decide to acquire vintage companies. This type of company has already proved itself either successful or not, but at some stage in the past it stopped any kind of activity. The break-up of trade relations may have been for different reasons, but they do not influence the present-day status of the shelf company. As the statistics suggest, vintage Swiss shelf companies attract both domestic and foreign capital and its consumers.

Shelf Swiss company for small business entities

Those who cannot deposit a large sum of money in a Swiss bank account can buy a limited liability company. It requires at least CHF20,000 to make a solid start. As little as one director may manage the company and possess the maximum share in it.

Swiss shelf company for corporate organizations

When shareholders want to possess a corporation with an already registered office, the best decision for them is to buy an off-the-shelf joint stock company. Obligatory requirements include:

  • The minimum capital of CHF100,000
  • At least three shareholders of the company
  • Swiss residents on the Board of Directors
The possession of a Swiss shelf company gives its owner flexibility and the possibility to reduce the costs of company registration. However, foreign investors should be given some assistance in navigating this process from a reliable source of information. If you want to buy an existing company, consult Goldblum and Partners, who provide specialized guidance in the procedure of acquiring or registering a company.




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