Swiss Company Formation

A company formed in Switzerland may become a priceless asset for a person familiar with working in a strict but beneficial economic climate like Switzerland's. Foreign investors the world over are attracted by the prosperity of this European country, which is why they are willing to immigrate and become official residents here. Swiss company formation may also guarantee the prospect of an official residence permit, which is of course very rewarding. However, registration of the company may require additional subsidies to meet the requirements dictated by Swiss law.

Swiss company formation benefits

Any foreign investor has the opportunity to promote his business. Having skillful management and leadership qualities may lead the company owner to financial success in a country which has all the necessary conditions to achieve this. However, it should be mentioned that the start-up investments of the investor into his future company in Switzerland will definitely be very high. It must be noted that initial share capital should be paid without any limitations.

Limits and requirements for successful Swiss company formation

Once the decision is met and all the necessary funds are acquired, one has to determine the status under which a person is going to register his own company. If a foreigner has a residence permit, he automatically acquires the same rights as an ordinary Swiss citizen: not only may he form his own company, but also choose any way of managing his own business. One resident director in the company is obligatory. If a foreigner doesn't have any opportunity to get a residence permit, the only way forward is to hire a special consultant who will manage the company on his behalf. This deprives a founder of a chance to be his own boss and do all the decision-making regarding company matters.

The taxation system in Switzerland provides the same tax liability for anyone willing to form a company. It is therefore essential to prepare for a very transparent but strict government taxation policy, which regulates the cash flow in each of the 23 cantons. Thus, getting acquainted with the rules for every canton may be of use: it helps to avoid extra-costs and losses.
Swiss business administration

Swiss Company Formation — required documents

Without the necessary documentation there is no prospect of becoming a legal candidate for being a businessman in Switzerland. The required documents include:

  • A photocopy of all the pages in the passport
  • A resume in English
  • A cover letter in English
  • Copies of the founder's diplomas affirming the level of education
  • Clear record certificate
  • The list of full names of all the incorporators and, if necessary, partners, where information on their financial status, their level of education and their share in the forthcoming business is mentioned
  • The profile of the future company and account requirements
When the necessary documents are collected it is essential to open a bank account where the minimal share must be deposited. The procedure of Swiss company formation may be regarded as complete when the founder gets a special registration certificate.
If you are interested in obtaining information on the Swiss company formation process, feel free to contact Goldblum and Partners. As a client of our company, you will get specialized help from lawyers and other qualified experts. We are ready to offer consultation to our clients on different aspects of the taxation system so as to make sure a new company has every chance to make a good start without being overcharged.




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