Virtual office in Switzerland

A virtual office in Switzerland is considered to be one of the most effective solutions in the sphere of business organization and cost optimization nowadays. Virtual offices in Switzerland provide communication of high speed and quality as well as allowing the owner to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining professionalism. Using Internet technologies, a virtual office in Switzerland offers a modern approach to the organization of business which is usually safe and secure because all data is protected

What does a virtual office in Switzerland usually include?

A virtual office in Switzerland could become the solid foundation of your business in this comfortable European country. It doesn't really matter whether your company is geographically located in Switzerland or not, the image of the traditional office will be created.

A virtual office in Switzerland includes a list of possibilities such as:

  • Communication services
  • Space services
Talking about the first point, one cannot help but mention that communication services usually consist of the following:

  • A qualified receptionist that works remotely
  • Call centers that usually process incoming calls at extremely rapid rates and reduce problems with language barriers
  • A voicemail service that plays back a voice message recorded previously
  • Virtual office space that provides you with a highly reputable address in a city of your choice
The space services that a virtual Swiss office can include can be chosen from the list:

  • A business address that can be used as the professional address. Running a home-based company, every businessman lacks an address in a prestigious area to place on his/her letters and business cards
  • A mailing address (post box) for sending and receiving correspondence
  • Reception courtesies
  • A meeting space, including offices for meetings and conference rooms
  • Co-working space
  • An enterprise information portal which offers a framework for integrating administrative staff, informational resources and processes within the company
Additional services can also be provided if requested by the customer.

Virtual office in Switzerland and advantages

There are a lot of advantages to be mentioned when considering the virtual office, but the key benefitsare the following:

  • Reduction in traditional office costs
  • Users' professionalism
  • Reduction in environmental impact
  • Increased flexibility
  • Quick inter-company data exchange
  • Security of company files and data
Moreover, traditional time-off is not applicable to your virtual office staff.

All the previously mentioned benefits demonstrate an advantage over a traditional office, especially in Switzerland where rental payments are rather high. A virtual office may be chosen if your company is starting a pilot project or opening a branch or regional office.

Who can help you to organize a virtual office in Switzerland?

Goldblum and Partners specializes in organizing virtual offices for companies that are planning to run their business in Switzerland, or are about to open a branch office there. Furthermore, we provide our clients with all the necessary help and information in creating a virtual office in another country.
Feel free to contact us for a detailed presentation. We can negotiate the type of business relationship to suit you. Do not hesitate to contact Goldblum and Partners should you need any advice about opening a virtual office in Switzerland.